Project Status

The project is currently in the Implementation Planning phase of the process. Throughout the months of January, February and March, the team will finalize the corridor’s design and refine material choices and asphalt art components.

Previous Phases

October 2020: Project Initiation

November 2020: Design Alternatives

December 2020: Design Development

Design Plans

Click here for Version 1 Draft Design Plans

Click here for Version 2 Draft Design Plans

Click here for Version 3 Draft Design Plans

Click here for Version 4 Draft Design Plans

Design Comments

The design comments period is closed as of January 1st, 2021.

Outreach Process Highlights:

33 total public engagements in 70 days (in design phase)

325+ public comments received via meetings/website/e-mail

90+ people provided comments

Design Approval

Project ReviewClick here for video

Design Guidelines, Process, and ApproachClick here for video

DesignClick here for video

Next StepsClick here for video

Latest Developments:

Past Events: March

Council Meeting, Monday, March 22nd 7PM

At this council meeting, the design team gained approval for the 90% drawing status of the plans. Below are links to the recording of the full council meeting, as well as the accompanying council agenda – please refer to items C-10 and C-12 in the Council Agenda for information relevant to the project.

Community Project Advisory Committee #8, Wednesday, March 24th, 6PM-7PM

At this CPAC meeting, the Move Culver City project team shared their progress on the asphalt art designs for the project, checked in with the team on the mobility stops design and asked for feedback from the committee.

Mobility, Traffic and Parking Subcommittee Meeting, Tuesday, March 30th 3PM-7PM

At this meeting, the project team shared the updated project design with the Mobility Subcommittee.

Past Events: January + February

Community Virtual Workshop #3, Tuesday, February 23rd 6PM – 8PM

At the third Community Virtual Workshop, the Move Culver City Team shared a recap of the Design Approval Process, the Aspalt Art Process, examples of future project monitoring, and the next steps forward for the project team and public.

Mobility Subcommittee Meeting, Tuesday, February 23rd 3PM – 5PM

At the third Mobility Subcommittee Meeting, the Move Culver City Team updated the project’s design based on input from the previous meetings and shared the asphalt art design process.

Community Project Advisory Committee #7, Thursday, February 11th 6PM – 8PM

For this CPAC meeting, the Move Culver City Team updated the project’s design based on input from the previous meetings and shared the final design with the committee and ask for feedback on the asphalt art.

City Council Presentation, Monday, February 1st 6PM

Following the review and assessment of all design comments received by the submittal deadline of January 1st, the project team presented the final design drawings, art concepts and material selections to City Council. To watch a video recording of the council meeting click HERE.

Business Roundtable #3, Friday, January 22nd 9AM – 11AM

At the third Business Roundtable, the project team shared the final design drawings, art concepts, and material selections with business representatives.

Community Project Advisory Committee #6, Thursday, January 21st 6PM – 8PM

During this CPAC meeting the project team presented the final recommended designs, and discussed in greater detail the proposed art concepts, material choices and implementation methods with the committee.

Past Events: December

Community Project Advisory Committee #5
Thursday, December 17th 12PM – 2PM

For the final CPAC meeting of the year, the Move Culver City Team updated the project’s design based on public input from the previous meetings and asked for a final round of of feedback on design, material choices and implementation methods.

Community Virtual Workshop #2, Tuesday, December 8th 6PM – 8PM

At our second Community Virtual Workshop, the Move Culver City project team shared Version 1 of design drawings with the community and asked for initial feedback on specific segments and design features along the corridor. The team will take this information into consideration while further developing the design through the end of December.

Community Project Advisory Committee #4, Tuesday, December 8th 12PM – 1PM

During this CPAC meeting, the project team showcased the corridor’s design for the first time in plan view and discussed in greater detail the material choices and implementation methods to make sure the design aligned with the goals and vision of the project.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Thursday, December 3rd 6PM – 9PM

During the BPAC Public Meeting, the project team shared general updates regarding the project progress and guided conversations about bicycle and pedestrian safety along the project corridor.

Business Roundtable #2, Thursday, December 3rd 9AM – 11AM

At the second Business Roundtable, the project presented the design direction chosen by the Mobility Committee and invited business representatives to share their feedback about the proposed design.

Studio Hours, December 1st – 4th

The MOVE Culver City project team invited community members into their virtual studio as they actively developed the mobility lane design plans. Community members were invited to interactively add their comments on the drawings themselves and to discuss ideas with the consultant team. Each studio hour session below corresponds to a specific segment along the corridor. You can find recordings of the studio hours at each link below:

Segment A | Tuesday, Dec 1st 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Madison Ave to Watseka Ave

Segment B | Wednesday, Dec 2nd 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Irving Pl to Canfield Ave

Segment C | Wednesday, Dec 2nd 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Ince Blvd to Landmark St

Segment D | Friday, Dec 4th 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Landmark St to Helms Ave

Segment E | Friday, Dec 4th 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Helms Ave to La Cienega Ave

Past Events: November

Mobility Subcommittee #2, Thursday, November 19th, 3 PM – 4:30 PM

At the second Mobility Subcommittee, the project team shared the results of the design alternatives process, with a focus on the design alternative chosen by CPAC. Councilmembers then decided which section alternative(s) will move on to Design Development.

Community Project Advisory Committee #3, Wednesday, November 18th, 6 PM – 8 PM

Between the first Community Workshop and this CPAC meeting, we’ll continue to refine and develop the section alternatives. At CPAC #3, we’ll share the final set of alternatives, discuss the pros and cons of each, and ask the committee to make a recommendation to the Mobility Subcommittee on which alternative should move forward to design development.

Business and Organization Meetings, Friday, November 13th, 9 AM – 12 PM, 2 PM – 5PM

Our design team was also available for meetings with businesses and organizations from 9am – noon and 2pm – 5pm. We scheduled individual and physically-distant meetings to review locations, design concepts and discuss any concerns or suggestions that the public may have had regarding the project corridor.

Field Survey and Field Meetings with Public, Corridor Tour Friday, November 13th, 12 PM – 2 PM

Residents and businesses had valuable knowledge to share with the project team, and while walking the project corridor they were given a chance to point out relevant details and share observations. Team members were in the field all day measuring and speaking with passerby’s, and learning a lot from real world observation!

Community Virtual Workshop #1, Wednesday, November 11th, 6 PM – 8 PM

At our first Community Workshop, project team members and participants alike started the design process by sharing section alternatives for typical locations along the corridor. We asked interested participants to use the Streetmix platform to come up with their own proposals for the corridor, and participants were able to share their visions for the corridor live!

Past Events: October

October was the Project Initiation stage of the project. During this time the project team established the overall framework for the project and held inaugural meetings of the three major engagement channels.

Business Roundtable #1, Thursday October 29, 9 AM – 10 AM

At the inaugural Business Roundtable breakfast, business and property owners shared their thoughts about the project. Among the issues discussed were the need to balance greater transit and bike access with existing car access to businesses.

Mobility Subcommittee #1, Tuesday, October 27th 3PM – 6PM

At our first Mobility Subcommittee, the project team introduced the project and heard from members of the committee as well as interested residents and business owners about the overall goals of the project.

Community Project Advisory Committee (CPAC) #1, Thursday, October 22, 6 PM – 8 PM

At the inaugural CPAC meeting, we introduced the project and listened to comments regarding the overall project limits and goals. Check back soon to view the meeting.