Community Virtual Workshop

Streetmix Activity

In anticipation of our first virtual workshop, we’re inviting residents and businesses to use the Streetmix Drawing Platform to create a proposed street section at a typical location along the corridor!

Streetmix is a web-based platform that makes it easy to draw street sections with common elements like sidewalks, travel lanes, and bus lanes. During our first workshop we will share our proposals with you, and ask you to share your proposals with us! Below are instructions on how to use the platform. When finish please send your completed ideas to

Remember these key points:

  • We’re working with the existing curb-to-curb dimensions. That means we will not move the existing curbs or change the sidewalk dimension in any way.
  • In the example below that means the sidewalks should remain 10′ on either side of the street.
  • Curb-to-curb dimension should always equal 60′.
  • Travel lanes should be a minimum of 10′, bike lanes should be a minimum of 4′ with a 2′ buffer, bus lanes should be a minimum of 11′.

Step 1: Click Link Above

To get started, use the link above to take you to a base drawing that shows the existing condition at a location along the corridor. The image to the left is what you should see on your screen. The following explanations will help you to navigate the helpful tools and resources that Streetmix provides you with!

Step 2: Navigating the Work Area

Highlighted to the left is the work area, here is where you will be able to add components, change sizes and dimensions, and generally experiment with your ideas for Washington Boulevard!

Each item shown has a corresponding tag and dimensions, allowing you to visualize how much space your ideas will use, and how much space you have left to play with!

Step 3: Place A Design Component

Highlighted at the bottom of the screen is where you will find your design components. A variety of things are featured, including standard sidewalks, drive lanes, and turn lanes.

Additionally, in this tab you can find components that will be featured in the Move Culver City project, including bike lanes and bus lanes!

Place a component by dragging and dropping into the work area! Remember the key dimensions listed above. As you add an item, you will have to remove another to keep within the 60′ curb-to-curb dimension.

Step 4: Edit Design Components

After you have placed a design component, you can hover your mouse over the component and begin to edit it.

When selected, an options box will appear. Within this box you can make changes depending on the component. For instance, the “Drive Lane” component allows you to change the width, drive direction, and type of drive lane! As you change the dimensions here, remember that you will have to keep within the 60′ curb-to-curb dimension.

Step 5: Maintaining Road Width

Because this project involves retrofitting the existing curb-to-curb dimensions some variables cannot be changed.

For this reason, the road width shown left should stay at 80′, and your curb-to-curb dimension must total 60′. As you edit components, Streetmix will show the buildings to either side of the road as RED, which notifies you that the current components and widths do not fit within the designated 80′ width.

But no worries! Remember to keep the sidewalk at 10′. For the other elements, simply edit the widths of your design components until everything fits within the 80′ street dimension!

Step 6: Share Your Final Design

When you have finished your design, sharing it with the team could not be easier!

At the top right of the page, the share tab will allow you to copy the URL of your design. When you have the URL copied, simply send it to so that we can share all of our proposals at our first workshop! You can also post it directly to social media. If you post on social media, please use the #moveculvercity hashtag so we can track proposals.